Child Support Agreement South Africa

Hello I supported my child with amounts of 1000 to 1300 sometimes,Buy clothes before he was born until today, as the mother never sent her money during the month of May I sent her money, as I always did and she said she was coming home alongside her mother and that she had no money to come , we have to go buy clothes for the winter and she asked me for the transport money so that she can come, and she never came until today and she still asks for money for the child, even if she is not here and she told me that she takes me to court, even though now the child is with my parents and on the other hand , she also receives money for social assistance and now she refuses her sister to see the child until I get home and I took it coz, I work away from home I do not want full custody of the child only what I can be best for the child I can approach, the court coz now it`s 3 months since they left the child , but at the end of the month she wants to ask for money and even got the nerve , give her friend the phone, if I hello hello I want to call to find out about my child father, who does not make his son a 13 years ago he would get my son now and then he would stop the same time again , until I decided to stop him, as my son hunt it make promises and he can not realize , until I discover that he has his own business and he received a type of tenders that he owned a company called XXX company, he somehow provided plastic cups early last year , he came to keep the child he only did for a few months he promised an R 1000 on the line he was quiet by August he put R888 , can help u pls, what I can do, I need yo assistant so far he does not hold the child Hi I do not have a 7 year old daughter his father has not done it in the last 6 years , I have all alone without any bt problems now I need him to do his part and support his daughter regardless of the fact that I take care of her. He says he works bt I`m not sure, I hear stories that he doesn`t work, so I can still ask for the interview, even if I`m not sure if he works or not? If he`s not working, can I get something from him or I don`t really need to help me now that I`m drowning with all my mine girls? The father or mother of a child who has full or limited parental rights and obligations to his or her child. Hello everyone, I need some advice, a little complicated, the court sheriff provided me with the reduction of the support document, I have now discovered that the father of my child has resigned.

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