Eu Agreement Coronavirus

The agreement stipulates that EU citizens are not quarantined for key reasons. B, for example for family reasons, to provide for their livelihoods or to obtain the necessary goods. This proposed supply agreement with the EU would be the largest initial order for vaccine doses for Pfizer and BioNTech (its agreement with the US government, concluded in July, includes 100 million initial doses for $1.95 billion, with the possibility of receiving an additional $500 million). EU heads of state and government have reached agreement on a comprehensive recovery plan after coronavirus after a fourth night of talks. On 21 July 2020, EU heads of state and government successfully agreed on the recovery plan for Europe. More than 50% of the EU`s long-term budget and the next Generation – around EUR 1.8 trillion in total – will support modern policies and enable Europe to recover in a sustainable and sustainable way. Federal President von der Leyen said: “The agreement is a strong signal of confidence and a historic moment for Europe.” The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the challenges facing EU democracies. The European Commission presents its European Action Plan for Democracy to strengthen citizens and build more resilient democracies across the EU. Following the significant increase in the number of coronavirus infections in Europe, Berlin has announced other EU countries as areas at risk for travellers. In addition to Belgium and Iceland, other regions of France and Great Britain, including Northern Ireland and Wales, were classified as risk areas on 30 September. Poland has discovered its first cases of coronavirus among its mink population. On a farm in the Pomorskie region of northern Poland, eight out of more than 90 animals tested positive for the virus. Other European mink producers have also discovered the pathogen in necrosis, which are the only animals to infect both the new coronavirus and infect it again in humans.

Russia is testing a vaccine specifically designed for mink, although no infected animals have yet been found there. The EU has reached an agreement with the US company Moderna for 160 million doses of its experimental vaccine. Meanwhile, Russian vaccine manufacturers Sputnik-V said their Jab was 95% effective. DW completes the latest news. Saturday (5. December) the first Aida cruise ship is to depart for a week-long trip to the Canary Islands. The ship, designed to accommodate 3300 passengers, would be 50% full. All passengers must have a negative coronavirus test that is no more than 72 hours long. Strict hygiene and de-settling rules apply on board and only guided shore excursions will be possible.

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