Supplier Rebate Agreement Letter

Whether the discount is based on purchase quantities or amounts. You can enter a category code value to indicate a group of items from which you can make purchases. The system applies purchases to the discount agreement when you purchase an item assigned to the category code value. The amount or amount you need to buy for the discount chapter 59, “Set up constants” to get information about the purchase discount category code. The order date must be within the validity dates indicated for the agreement. The items you need to buy or the account numbers you need to buy against to get the discount. When you type orders, the system applies purchase quantities and amounts to discounts. You must specify the types of orders that the system applies purchases to discounts. You can, for example. B, apply the system to quantities and amounts from orders and/or framework orders. You must enter the total amount of the rebate or percentage you must receive for each threshold, regardless of the other thresholds for which you may have already received a discount. Example: the person responsible for managing this discount agreement. The vendor discount code for purchase instructions (P4306) must be set to “Active.” If several of your suppliers have the same parent company, you should follow the discount information at the higher level and not at the supplier level.

You can set up purchase instructions (P4306) for each vendor to specify at what level the discount information should be tracked. Once you have defined what you need to buy to get a discount, you must enter the amount or amount you need to buy. The amount or each amount is called the threshold. You must also enter the amount of the rebate or the percentage of the purchase amount you must receive based on each threshold. In the example above, when you purchase 500 items, you are entitled to a total discount of 500.00, regardless of the 100.00 discount you may have already obtained for the purchase of 100 items. A single purchase booking cannot apply to more than one purchase agreement. Each time you enter a retail line, you need to specify a line type. The storage interface for the type of position you specify in the types of command lines determines the order in which the system searches for rules to access a discount agreement to find a match: The amount of the discount or the percentage of purchases that determines the amount of the discount The system records the information relating to items, account numbers and purchase code values applicable to a discount agreement in the Discount Table (F4342). In order for the system to track discounts, you need to provide information about the agreements you have with your suppliers. This information includes: You can have the system assign a number to each of your discount contracts or enter your own number. If you assign a number, the last discount number is increased by 1 for the provider. If this is the first discount contract for the supplier, the system assigns the number one.

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