Tortoisesvn End User License Agreement

If you simply want to install and use this software, you just need to be aware of the licensing non-responsibility conditions mentioned below. If you want to modify or redistribute this program or part of this program, you must read the terms and conditions of the license agreement before doing so. A copy of the license is available on our website. provides SVN access to both project members (developers) and the community (non-developer). Developers are listed as project members. Developers access the project`s SVN repository via HTTPS authentication, allowing them to perform writing processes. Users who attempt a development process are asked to enter their username and password. If there are no false permissions or if no permission is set to give access to the user, the operation is refused. If you want to edit a file after the first check-out and transfer the change to the repository, you will be asked to enter your username and password. This is the username and password of the site TortoiseSVN is an SVN client that runs on the Microsoft Windows platform. Instead of acting as a standalone application, TortoiseSVN is integrated into Windows Explorer, the file manager in Windows, not the web browser with a similar name.

As most Windows users are familiar with the Windows Explorer interface, it is often easy for new SVN users to escape the learning curve by using TortoiseSVN. Copyright (C) 2003-2010 – Stefan Kong TortoiseSVN is free. You don`t have to pay for it, and you can use it any way you want. It is being developed as an open source project under the GNU General Public License (GPL). This means that you have full access to the source code for this program. You can find it on our website at the Some users may find that their network environment puts them behind a proxy server. In these cases, an additional configuration may be required. To set up a proxy for use: When you first connect with the SVN server, you may be asked to accept the “server certificate” for, you should “accept the certificate permanently.” Please note that “Check Out” has nothing to do with “locking” files; It`s an order that simply downloads the contents of the repository. Usually, however, as this is a basic training, please familiarize yourself by reading the TortoiseSVN user guide, try it with TextPad or a similar tool and avoid using Notepad, Wordpad or Word. Because TortoiseSVN is a Windows Explorer shell extension, do this really to prevent you from mistakenly adding a file to the Subversion repository that you don`t want to be released yet, employees provide support for TortoiseSVN client usage issues. Please collect the following information specifically for this client, then follow the instructions for SVN support: Limit your withdrawalsIn working with Trunk, Tags and branches, it is not recommended to check the entire project, because due to the increasing number of tags, the working copy (not the repository) would increase rapidly, and over time, a large number of useless files would accumulate on your hard drive. Instead, you should only go to Trunk or a day or branch and, if necessary, change location.

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