Koho Cardholder Agreement

Who issues your KOHO card: The KOHO Visa prepaid card is issued by peoples Trust Company on the license of Visa International Incorporated. This agreement exists between you and The Peoples Trust Company. KOHO is the distributor of the KOHO prepaid visa card. KOHO is a service provider for the Peoples Trust Company to manage certain aspects of the KOHO card program, such as providing equal account to cardholders. B and transmitting messages from Peoples Trust Company to cardholders via the KOHO app or using the contact information provided via the KOHO app. To the extent that it is relevant to our relationship with you, these services are referred to in this agreement. KOHO may offer and provide services to Cardholder as a service provider for cardholders and not on behalf of the Peoples Trust Company. The KOHO services made available to you by KOHO will eventually be subject to agreements between you and KOHO. PEOPLES TRUST COMPANY IS NOT THESE SERVICES AND IS NOT FOR YOU, OR ANY LOSS, HARM OR DAMAGE OF ANY KIND YOU MAY SUFFER AS A RESULT OF USING KOHO SERVICES ON ANY THEORY OF LIABILITY, LEGAL, EQUITABLE OR OTHERWISE. My number one rule for putting money everywhere is insurance or at least a calculated risk. Risk versus reward. Like stocks, bonds, futures and even gambling in the hope that your money can rise as much as it can fall. Do they pay interest? No, they don`t want to know why? Because koho distributes their money to other people while sitting there and third parties manage your money to generate their own income.

Don`t you believe me? Do your own research. These terms of use apply to mobile payment services (the “Conditions”) if you add a prepaid card issued by the Peoples Trust Company (“Card”) to a mobile payment bag (a “wallet” each). Under these conditions, “you” and “you” refer to the cardholder, and “we,” “our,” “we” and “exhibitors” refer to the exhibitor of your card, The Trust Company. Acceptance: This contract is a binding agreement between you and the issuer regarding the terms of use of the card. By purchasing, activating and/or using your card, you accept and accept the terms and conditions set out in this document. KOHO is a trademark of Koho Financial Inc. made of the Peoples Trust Company and Visa Inc., the product logos and branding words that appear on the www.koho.ca site or in the KOHO application are only used to designate purchased products or services and the trademark rights are held by the supplier concerned. KOHO wishes to clarify that it is not affiliated with the brands, products or services mentioned as an informational title on the site. KOHO Financial Inc. (“KOHO,” “we,” “we” or “our”) is committed to protecting the privacy and confidentiality of personal data in our possession and control. This privacy policy explains the steps we are taking. in order to meet these obligations, and describes how KOHO collects, uses, maintains, maintains, manages and processes other products and services provided by KOHO (with “services”) and other interactions with our customers on www.koho.ca, www.whatthefee.ca and the KOHO mobile application (with all pages and tracking sites, the “Website”), as well as other products and services offered by KOHO (with “services” and other interactions with our customers).

Acceptance: This agreement is a binding agreement between you and us regarding the terms of use of the card. KOHO Financial Inc. (below, “KOHO,” “we,” “our” or “our”) is committed to protecting the personal information that is passed on to it and is using it and treating it in a manner. This privacy policy defines the steps we take to meet this commitment and describes how we collect who is using, let`s keep, disclose and process the personal information of users (of which they www.whatthefee.ca www.koho.ca as well as the KOHO mobile app (including their respective sub-pages and any other related pages, below collectively called the `site`) as well as the way we don`t do it

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