S4C Bbc Operating Agreement

The consultation, which will conclude on 23 October, aims to ensure that individuals and groups express their views on whether a draft operating agreement reflects the agreement reached in 2011. A year later, the BBC Trust and the S4C Authority agreed on the future and funding of S4C until 2017. The stability offered by this agreement gives it the freedom to plan and control and use the talents of Wales` creative economy. He said the agreement would only allow the BBC to intervene in editorial matters in extreme cases where there had been a “substantial violation” of its mission. The agreement between the channel and the BBC will guarantee “the editorial, executive and operational independence of S4C,” the two sides said, while the two sides will form a partnership on non-editorial issues. The agreement states that “S4C retains its editorial and leadership independence from the BBC at all times.” An enterprise agreement was drawn up this month between the S4C and the BBC Trust, following the decision in 2010 by then-Culture Minister Jeremy Hunt to radically change the way the Welsh channel was funded and to transfer much of the public funds directly into the BBC budget. “Wales needs an independent legal company that monitors Welsh radio, able to generate its own commercial revenues, and this agreement provides that.” The terms of the agreement to provide technical services to S4C at BBC Wales` new headquarters in central Cardiff from 2019 have been agreed. “This new agreement clearly shows how the relationship between the S4C and the BBC will be during the New Charter. It provides a strong element of safety and stability for S4C during this period, while having the ability to check the most important items after five years. It is a challenge for both organizations to find opportunities for constructive cooperation for the benefit of viewers. It builds on the success of the previous enterprise contract and a long tradition of cooperation and cooperation in the service of the public.

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