Student Acceptable Use Of Technology Agreement

The Internet is a network of many types of communication and information networks. While this creates new opportunities for learning, research, communication and collaboration, it also creates new tasks for students in Albuquerque Public Schools. Access to the network and the internet is provided as an educational tool. Albuquerque Public Schools reserve the right to monitor, review, copy, verify and store the use of the computer network and internet access at any time and without notice, as well as any information transmitted or received in connection with this use. All of these information files are and will remain the property of Albuquerque Public Schools, and no student has any expectation of privacy with respect to these materials. As a parent or legal guardian, I read the Albuquerque Public Schools Student Acceptable Use of Technology and told my child about it. I understand that access to computer science for educational purposes is made available in accordance with the academic objectives of Albuquerque Public Schools and that the use of students for other purposes is inappropriate. I recognize that it is impossible for Albuquerque Public Schools to restrict access to all inappropriate materials, and I will not blame the school for the materials acquired in the school system. I allow my child to use technology resources in Albuquerque public schools.

It is important to understand that no filtering system is perfect. Due to the nature of the internet and developing technology, even under supervision, Albuquerque Public Schools cannot guarantee that students do not reach an inappropriate location. It is the student`s responsibility to report any inappropriate website or posting to a school official or teacher. Albuquerque Public Schools use several procedures to ensure that students are protected during Internet use, including, but not just by filtering websites. Albuquerque Public Schools must comply with the Federal Children`s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) to allay concerns about access to offensive content on the internet on school computers and libraries. This Procedures Directive describes the appropriate use and prohibited activities in the use of all technological and electronic resources. Each student must follow all specified rules and conditions. Albuquerque Public Schools provide their students with computer resources for educational purposes. The goal of making these resources available is to promote educational excellence.

The use of the technological resources of the Albuquerque Public School is granted to students in order to improve educational functions.

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