What Does Each Agreement Mean

The way we make assumptions is because we believe we know what others think and feel. We think we know their point of view, their dream. We forget that our convictions are only our point of view, based on our belief system and personal experience, which have nothing to do with what others think and feel. We assume that everyone judges us, abuses us, harasses us and blames us for the way we do it ourselves. That is why we oppose us before others have the opportunity to refuse us. If we think that way, it will be difficult to be in the world. Take action and be aware of what you want or don`t want; Applause and make assumptions about things that others tell you. Respect other points of view and avoid just to be right. Respect yourself and be honest with yourself. Stop waiting for people around you what`s in your head.

Cccc`s comment seems to come from a person who is a bit un obstructed. Being really friendly and generous doesn`t mean letting selfish people walk around. When that happens, you probably won`t be as “enlightened” as you think you are yourself. Going after what you want in life is not selfish and it doesn`t need to hurt others. Cccc`s point of view, honestly, is very co-dependent. The first agreement is to be “irreproachable with your word.” It sounds very simple, but it`s very, very powerful. Why your word? Your word is the force you need to create. Your word is the gift that comes directly from God. The Gospel of John in the Bible, which speaks of the creation of the universe, says: “In the beginning there was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word is God.” Good morning, Jefferson.

Thank you for continuing to contribute to this debate. Don Miguel writes indeed about good and evil, truth and lies. He also writes about science and causality, which he knows well because he was trained to become a doctor. I suggest you go directly to the source if you are really interested, because we all give you used accounts that are filtered through our own prejudices. I have the impression that you will find some value in his writings. Thank you for your thoughts, Coleen. I think your decision not to get caught up in right-wing arguments is wise. If we are all artists, if we are artists through the interpretations of the world we create, then the judgments of law/false simply do not apply to our art. A painting of a tree is not the same as a tree, but we would not describe such an interpretive painting as “false” or “lie”.

The same goes for our artistic interpretations of life. Each of us creates a story that is true to us, and I think it is good to respect each other`s stories. The answers to your intervention, including mine, demostrate for us, as we can all perceive the same thing — in this case, a book — and different opinions about it. Miguel Ruiz explains how we distort incoming perceptions into a single version of the world (I describe it in my own book, including “The Everything Toltec Wisdom Book”. Thank you very much for your kind words about it). Finally, over the past four years, he and his representatives have cancelled or denounced dozens of other international environmental regulations, practices and agreements.

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