Articles Of Agreement Tender

3. Contracting entities shall treat tenders confidentially. In particular, they shall not provide information intended to help certain participants to bring their offers up to the level of other participants. 1. The submission, receipt and opening of tenders and the award of contracts must be in conformity: (2) Negotiations are mainly intended to identify the strengths and weaknesses of tenders. (a) where there are no tenders under an open or selective tender, if the tenders submitted have been collusive or do not meet the essential requirements of the tender, or by suppliers who do not fulfil the conditions for participation laid down in this Agreement, provided that the requirements of the initial tender are not significantly altered in the contract to be awarded; This section presents the aspects of the treaty that are particularly important for the project to which the contract relates. Every effort is being made to speed up the procedure as much as possible. Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 12(8) and (9) of the Dispute Settlement Agreement, the Panel shall endeavour to make its final report available to the parties to the dispute no later than four months and, in the event of delay, no later than seven months after the date on which the composition and terms of reference of the forum were agreed. Therefore, every effort is made to reduce by two months the time limits provided for in Articles 20(1) and 21(4) of the Dispute Settlement Agreement. In addition, notwithstanding Article 21(5) of the Dispute Settlement Agreement, the panel shall endeavour to take its decision within sixty days in the event of disagreement on the existence or consistency with a covered agreement of measures taken to comply with the recommendations and decisions.

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