Boarding House Tenancy Agreement New Zealand

Apart from these situations, the landlord can enter a boarding room after informing the tenants 24 hours a day: if the accommodation rental law does not cover your boarding rental, you are nevertheless subject to the usual laws of consumption on services, which means that the accommodation must be of an acceptable quality (see chapter “Consumer Protection”). Ordinary contract law also requires you and the owner to do everything you have agreed, even if you do not have a written agreement, and you can bring any dispute before the Disputes Tribunal (see chapter “The Disputes Tribunal”). Your pension may also be covered by the municipality`s articles of association – contact your municipal council to inquire about them. From 1 July 2019, boarding landlords must make a signed declaration in any new or varied boarding contract that they will meet or will already meet the standards for healthy homes set out in section 66I(1)(bb) of the Residential Tenancies Act 1986. If you haven`t signed a rental agreement, you can`t use the rental court to resolve issues. Residential Tenancies Act, Part 2A – Legislative Site (link leaves this page) You can download a sample flatshare agreement from the Tenancy Services website: If you rent a room in a boardinghouse instead of renting a house or apartment, you still have some safeguards in the Residential Tenancies Act. The law sets rules on how much notice is needed to end the tenancy, how many times the landlord can increase the rent and when they can enter your room. Boarding owners must also be informed of changes to the rental right. Among the most recent changes are the Standards for Healthy Homes and the Residential Tenancy Act 2019. The house and all rooms must be reasonably safe. The owner must provide enough locks to ensure this. Tenants must have access at all times to their room as well as to the toilet and bathrooms. A boarding lessor may enter a boarding room without notice: the lessor must post to the tenant a copy of the rules at the beginning of the lease.

You should also make copies around the pension. Divergent rules apply to the termination of a boarding rental agreement. In each new lease agreement, varied or renewed, landlords must attach a statement about their current level of compliance with HHS. You can immediately terminate the tenancy if you have caused or threatened other tenants with serious damage or disruption or if you present a danger to people or property. Owners must meet the requirements of their municipal administration before founding a pension. You may need to modify the property to meet these requirements. Contact your city council for more information. You can complete your boarding rental only 48 hours in advance. It`s not necessarily written and you don`t have to give reasons. The by-laws must not violate the Residential Tenancies Act or any other law (for example. B the Human Rights Act or the Privacy Act). .

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