Cardiff City Council Tenancy Agreement

House/apartment not maintained during lease small house £ 80, large houses £ 100 (ii) In case of breach of any of the agreements contained or implied by the tenant or (g) The duration of the rental agreement remains indicated in this agreement and is not negotiable. The tenant must inform us if other rental contracts are necessary for the property. Key that is not returned (per key) £100.00 N.B Notice of the guaranteed short-term rental agreement no longer needs to be notified to the tenant for new leases issued on or after 28 February 1997. (f) Tenants are advised that the Landlord and/or agents reserve the right to remedy any breach of the rental relationship provided for in the Housing Act 1988, this Assurantd Short-hold Lease and its special terms or a relevant Act of Parliament, including any possible amendments. No failure by the lessor or agent to enforce the terms of the lease at any time affects the right to enforce any terms in the future. The rules relating to the succession of rentals are quite complicated and you always have to check the lease and get advice. c) This inventory is carried out and prepared by The Umbrella Homes before the keys are released. Tenants have the possibility to provide their own photographic inventory within 24 hours of receipt of the key to the property, considered part of the opening inventory and used at the end of the lease in conjunction with the drafting of the final report. (ii) As soon as possible after the finding of the lease (regardless of the finding), the lessor will withhold the portion of the surety and report to the tenant that the agent deems reasonably necessary for the lessor to be able, at the time of such finding, to make good any such breach or non-compliance with its obligations by the lessee and bear all costs. Reasonable fees and expenses incurred in this context, including reasonable fees and payments from the agent, are charged to the tenant for the balance of this amount. If the deposit is not sufficient for the aforementioned purpose, the tenant shall immediately pay the lessor, upon request, the amount reasonably necessary for such purposes the lessee is responsible for providing the agent with his final bills for gas, water and electricity. .

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