Secondary Teachers Collective Agreement

Note: With respect to a dispute relating to the interpretation, application or application of this Agreement, the employer shall act jointly or in consultation with the Secretary for Education where the Minister of Education acts under the authority delegated by the State Services Commissioner. 1.5.2 Employees whose work is covered by the cover clause of this Agreement and who join the Association during the currency of this Agreement are bound by this Agreement from the date on which they joined the Association. The Parties agree that the terms of this Agreement may be amended at any time by a written agreement between the Association on behalf of its members bound by this Agreement and the Minister of Education acting under Section 23 of the State Sector Act 1988 under the authority of the State Services Commissioner. (c) The collective agreement applicable to secondary school teachers applies to RTLBs who, after 28 january 1 January 2012 no longer covered by 1.4(a) of that collective agreement (but fell within the scope of that collective agreement on 27 January 2012) and who accept employment in the new higher employment school as long as they remain employed by that lead employer as RTLB. and remain a member of the association. Physical education teachers and physical education coaches must have a good level of fitness and health. Teachers of English for other languages (ESOL teachers) teach people of non-English speaking origin how to speak, read and write English. The following definitions shall apply, unless otherwise provided in the Agreement: this Part shall indicate who may be covered by that Agreement and how long the Agreement is in force. If you would like a printed copy of this agreement, we recommend that you download the following PDF version.

It is also a new board of directors of a school created by the creation of a new public or integrated school or by the merger of two or more existing schools, if any of the events occur during the term of this agreement, as described in point 1.6 above. 1.5.1 New employees whose work falls under the cover clause of this contract are informed of the existence of this collective agreement and have the opportunity to join the association and thus be bound by this contract. (c) `employer` means a board of directors formed in accordance with section 93 or section 95 of the Education Act 1989, or a commissioner appointed by a commissioner under Part 9 of the Education Act 1989, who acts in place of a board of directors, a public or integrated school that employs teachers as set out in point 1.4(a) above. .

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