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Trade Treaties Map is a multilingual web-based tool that provides information on more than 270 trade agreements and multilateral trade instruments. It has been designed primarily to help policy makers and ITS to optimize their country`s international trade legal framework. But LegaCarta is also a global public good of ITC, open to all and of particular interest to lawyers, legal advisers, law professors, researchers, doctoral students and university students. The Commercial Law Unit sets up the technical assistance programme at different levels, depending on what the country has expressed. Technical assistance can be provided in an integrated form or in the form of stand-alone modules. The integrated form reaches the different levels of a legal framework: from policy makers to work on the ratification of important treaties, to the extension of knowledge about ratified treaties in certain ministries (trade, foreign affairs, justice) and / or in other relevant public institutions, trade promotion organizations such as chambers of commerce and export associations, the academic community, through law and commerce. The world of the environment. For more information on the five training modules, click here. ITC has developed a database that is a one-stop shop for the more than 750 multilateral trade agreements currently in force around the world. At the country level, the multiplicity of international agreements makes it difficult for policymakers to decide which treaties should be ratified, which should be ignored and which have a greater influence on improving the national/regional business environment. The global database includes: the Trade Treaties Map tool is a multilingual web-based system of commercial contracts and multilateral instruments designed to help trade support institutions (ITS) and policy makers optimize their country`s international trade legal framework.

ITS usually decide to create connections for a large number of reasons, such as.B. the joint implementation of business development programs, the influence of business processes through lobbying and advocacy, the exchange of resources and capabilities or the exchange of practices to gain new knowledge. Every two years, the TPO Network World Conference and Awards is a TPOs initiative for TPOs, which provides a platform for the dynamic exchange of information on current global issues that challenge the business environment, best practices and experiences. The TPO network emerged from this event to provide TSI with a permanent platform to take advantage of opportunities for cooperation and access to a global knowledge base. For more information, see: www.tponetwork.net One of the objectives of LegaCarta is to encourage countries to participate in the process of defining international trade rules instead of simply being recipients of these rules. To achieve this objective, the national legal and economic community should be sensitive to the existence and activities of important institutions that shape the rules of international trade. LegaCarta covers a wide range of trade-related issues (treaties, customs, dispute settlement, environment, finance, good governance, intellectual property, investment, transport and telecommunications), explanations on each instrument, updated ratification tables and country analysis profiles. These rules are overseen by 28 different international organizations. ITC`s Commercial Law Department offers a technical assistance programme to improve a given country`s legal framework for international trade, resulting in a country analysis licence. The programme is implemented in cooperation with national policy makers, ITS and the legal and economic world. It includes trainings on multilateral trade agreements, an assessment of the country`s strengths and weaknesses, and trainings on the use of the LegaCarta database.

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